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journal update: “jisoo” #1

happy friday!! how is everyone doing?? I had a pretty slow start to my morning and didn’t decide to do anything until 12 pm O__O I cleaned my room a bit and made some chicken pasta but I dropped olive juice in the entire fridge while I was grabbing the ginger garlic paste…that’s why olives are the spawn of the devil. They took advantage of my clumsy ass and fell over like “oops i hope don’t fall” *shifty eyes* AND they taste gross,,,It’s now 3:11pm and I’m finally starting to do some fun things! I decided to start this series on my blog where I update y’all on my journals :)))))

Right now, I have 4 journals: bullet journal, reading journal, planned spreads journal, and word vomit journal. I find that having multiple journals for specific things helps me organize my interests and it’s such a nice little capsule to look back on! I’m the type of person to decorate and name my journals because it’s really cute and personalizes them so I’ll be referring them by their names in my blog post titles.

Today, I’m introducingggggggg jisoo: she is my planned spreads journal! (jisoo is my bias from Blackpink) The purpose of this journal is basically a space where I can fangirl about idols, playlists I’ve made, anime, readathons, tv/movies and more. In 2019, I had a personal journal that was both a word vomit and a planned spreads journal. It seemed to work because I used the same pen for all of the pages. However, I started to journal with a pencil again in 2020 and that journal started to become very messy looking because on some pages there was pencil chicken scratch and other pages there were elaborate spreads about me simping over idols and anime characters. These different kind of spreads clashed together and I was no longer excited to flip through the pages:( AND SO THE BIRTH OF JISOO FIXED EVERYTHING!!!

Anyway, I haven’t made much progress in this journal but I still wanted to gush about my spreads and hopefully you’ll be inspired by them! My goal for this journal is to test my creativity and use colors I’m afraid to use. I often go for green and black but as I was flipping through the few spreads I’ve made, I noticed that I really pushed myself because I’ve already used orange and pink (separately) which I BARELY do. I’m rambling again lmaoo ok ok enjoyyyyyy

I kind of just snapped these photos in seconds and slapped a filter on them LMAO but feel free to read whatever I wrote by zooming in. I won’t be transcribing them because it’s just me straight fangirling and I haven’t even reread anything before posting so hopefully it’s not too embarassing lmaooooo ok n e way,,,,this is a birthday spread for Jin of BTS! I chose a purple and gray color scheme and these cute bear stickers! I basically wrote that he’s a complete angel and I love him forever :’)

Here is a BTS comeback spread! A “comeback” is basically a new album and music video release from a kpop group and so a comeback spread is either a cute display of the album with its aesthetic or a song by song breakdown of feelings. As y’all can see, this is a breakdown of feelings and ohhhhh the feelings I had for BE by BTS (T-T) I chose a charcoal and gray color scheme plus these plant stickers for the design because they just reminded me of the song Life Goes On, which is on the album! This album is so special because it is completely self-directed by BTS so that means the members had major roles in producing, writing, designing, and directing this comeback.

I’m super proud of this one!! This is a spread I did on Sha’s (@desolateblogs) “Small Things in Life” readathon. Since 2020 was such a disaster of a year, Sha had the wonderful idea of creating an end of the year readathon in which participants think of four good things that happened in 2020 and make four prompts out of them! I took as it an opportunity to appreciate the small things that made me happy in 2020:) I tried to replicate my “aesthetic” in the spread and I think I did pretty well:0

Here is another birthday spread! This time it was for V of BTS and I basically said that I am forever in love with his calm demeanor and his deep, dark chocolatey voice. I’m also really proud of this spread because I went out of my comfort zone and chose orange and mint, which seems like a unique color combo fdhjskfhs idk A lot of people ask me how I come up with these layouts/collages and I honestly don’t know how to answer other than saying “go with the flow *sokka arm wiggle*”

This is a cute spread I made while zooming with my friends Sophie (@themoonchildpages) and Naz (@moodreaderblog)! This is a duo/ship spread in which I basically fangirl over J-Hope and Jimin of BTS; this duo is so cute and chaotic and always has me clutching my heart. I chose pink and blue with the same bear stickers from my Jin spread:’) I’m not happy with the “and they were roommates” lettering but we move ig,,,, (also psssst that photo of j-hope back hugging jimin is my screenshot sdfdjsfhdj i’m so lucky for watching that v-live in real timeT-T)

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Last but not least I have a lyric spread I made just yesterday!! I made the green and black collages with a photo of RM on stage but I didn’t know what to fill the pages in with so I decided to just write out the entire lyrics of uhgood, which is a song on mono. : his solo album. I really relate to this song because he talks about loneliness and identity which I often journal about in my word vomit journal. I like this fairly new idea so I imagine making a lot of these lyric spreads in the future :)))

OKIEEE AND THATS A WRAP! Hope you all enjoyed my little update and the spreads inspired you in some of type of way. It was a lot of bts LOL and a LOT of colors but I like it that way; I’m sure I’ll be gushing about different topics in the future. Let me know if you like this new series idea and if I should elaborate on anything!! ALSO SPREAD IDEAS OR PROMPTS ARE MUCH APPRECIATED! I’m glad I made a separate journal for these kind of spreads, I like the idea that they’re in one spot:) alllllright byeeeee,,,oh and here’s ur bts photo:

14 thoughts on “journal update: “jisoo” #1

  1. I love how colorful and adorable it is! Visually very pleasing and it seems like a lot of fun to do! I’ve never thought about doing a journal for tv shows or movies or one for random stuff/word vomit, but I have so many empty journals that I could certainly consider it…. Also, naming your journal is a great idea🤔

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    1. thank youuuuu!! it’s definitely very fun and takes my mind off of a LOT of stuff! you should try it, especially the word vomit one because it really helps clear up your emotions and thoughts! I tend to have a hard time expressing my feelings so it’s nice to look back on it and be like wowww I was really going through it LOL which also helps me to move on from negative thoughts !

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  2. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!! First of all your spreads give me so much inspo I can’t wait to journal more :’) Second of all YOU’RE SO BRAVE I COULD NEVER POST MY SPREADS WITHOUT TRIPLE READING WHAT I WROTE ADJSKADHAD I LOVE THAT FOR U THO UR AMAZING. Jisoo is adorable and I hope at the end of the year you can flip through the pages and be dazzled by all the colours

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AHAHAH THANK YOUUUUU i can’t wait to see what you come up with if you decide to share:O AND LOL I’m honestly so content with whatever I write about when talking about my interests so if I sound crazy so be it because I’m still gonna act this way if someone questions it lmaoo

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  3. broooo the way i saw my name and just completely and utterly uwu-ed T.T also that hobi pic at the end has my heart ❤ agh this blog post is soo cuuute and lol the way anyone can tell ur just in love with bangtan askdjfhgdsdh!!


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  4. I love this so much! It’s so precious that you name your journal ❤️ I also love that you have a journal that’s basically for things that make you happy and that sounds amazing.
    May I just add that all of your color-combos are on point and look so good together

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  5. I LOVE THIS SERIES BRO! All of these look so cute omg and the jihope one hurtsss theyre so cute 😭😭😭 im actually in love with jissoooooo 💕

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