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monthly flip through: february 2021

hi gang:) how are you doing on this fine morning?? just kidding it’s 12:40am,,,well it’s technically morning:O ANYWAY~ It’s yet another monthly flip through! I know I haven’t been posting regular degular posts in between these series posts but ehhhhhhh woteva :O I’m listening to Hold Space for Me by Orion Sun – it’s such a soothing album (it has jazzy and lofi beat vibes !! ) and her voice is so soft and cute. I feel like I’m splayed on the floor of a boat that’s floating in a cloud river when I hear her in my ears \(- 3 -)/ My favorite songs are Trying, Coffee for Dinner, and El Camino but the whole album is amazing!

I am back to share my february spreads and this theme rEALLY grew on me and I get super excited to use it whenever I open it up! It kind of reminds me of a windows computer (the colors do, I didn’t go for the notifications theme).

~the materials i used~

  • pilot g2 gel-ink pen (black)
  • light gray crayola super tip marker
  • lime green crayola super tip marker
  • blue (#528) tombow dual brush marker
  • white grid washi tape
  • blue lined washi tape
  • sky blue magazine scrap
  • navy sky+trees magazine scrap
  • navy blue photo
  • newspaper
  • green duck stickers
  • solid color circle stickers (blue, mint, green)

Most of these items were gifted by my family and friends (i’m pretty sure they used amazon). I bought my crayola super tips and pilot g2 pens from Walmart a few years ago and they still work perfectly! I think these two are my favorite writing utensils because they are cheap yet high quality! also !! the crayola super tips come in such a variety of colors and they kind of have a watercolor effect which I really love~

Here is the title pageeee! On the left side, I made a collage of blue papers/photos/washi tape, green stickers, and lyrics from Dis-ease by BTS (j-hope verse). I also added three trackers: goals, playlist, and things i did. Last time, I only made space for monthly plans, but this time I wanted more things that would reflect how month will go. On the right page, I added a navy blue sky photo with newspaper and the same washi tape! I added a mini calendar, a j-hope cut-out photo, the same green duck stickers, and cute j-hope english quotes. I didn’t even plan to make the right page all about hobi sdfsskfd (february is also my oldest brother’s birthday month but come on gang,,,priorities). the calendar and february lettering looked lonely and a little flat so I added the hobi photo and slowly built around it by putting these ADORABLE quotes by him (i can litoerally hear them in his voice).

I feel like I always have an initial idea of colors and themes but then once I get started my hands take over and I just get in the zone of creating and going wild when I sift through my stationary collection, which means I end up making something unexpected! That’s honestly the beauty of journaling~ At first I wanted to recreate the vibes from my journal spread for Blue Hour by TXT and wanted to use gray, blue, and lavender markers but as I was making my collage I took out more blue and gray scraps than purple and idk what made me choose green?? (maybe because sab and naz suggested a leafy theme hmmmm i guess we’ll never know). GUESS WHAT HAPPENED AFTER !! I found this photo of Hobi wearing a blue and lime green striped sweater??? It was meant to be YALLL (love how life just works out like that).

here’s my monthly calendar! Like I mentioned from my january flip through, i have a 5×7 layout with 6×6 boxes and then I cross out the non-month dates with washi tape or markers (and as you can see that’s what I did unlike last month where I just eliminated the non-moth dates). I, like a dumby, made an extra line so the first row had 7×6 boxes instead pfffffksfsdk but !! I, like a genius(maybe lmao), made another line for the last row and just colored in those extra lines (top and bottom) with lime green marker to make a border. I’m still not sure how I feel about it but you wouldn’t even know if those green borders were intentional or a mistake (^-^)

On the right side bar, I brought back my habit trackers! I’m going to use habit trackers as a representation of my month rather than something I force myself to fill in or do. This way, I won’t approach my bullet journal as something that’s annoying or a chore. My trackers for this month are: sleep early, make bed, and night routine. These are all related to sleep because one of my biggest goals is to create a healthy sleeping routine. I’ve noticed that I’ve been choosing a book for a night activity rather than going on my phone or watching tv. I think deleting tiktok and going on a instagram hiatus has really helped me reduce my screentime, which means more sleep! Although I still haven’t been sleeping THAT well, I’m happy I’m choosing activities that will eventually lead to a good sleep:O

I decided to go for three miscellaneous monthly spreads: poem of the month, media consumed, and brain dump. My friend bought a really cute pocket journal when she and I went thrifting last month and she’s planning to track the movies/tv shows she watches every month! I got inspired by that and I started tracking things I watched in my january brain dump and so I thought it’d be nice to make a dedicated spot for that this month. So far, I’ve been enjoying the heck out of Legend of Korra (my only qualm with it is that the romance plays too much of a role but we move) and Broad City (this is a really funny and bizarre show about two bestfriends who encounter weird shit in NYC – it gets a little sexually explicit so I would watch out for that sdfdsk).

The last two pages I’m sharing are a bit of a weird pairing sdkfjshkf but that’s because I get ideas for spreads throughout the whole month:) On the right side are my daily trackers; these are basically another reflection of what goes awn in dia’s noggin~ I decided to draw these cute blobs to express how I’m feeling about certain things (they make me smile:P ) I find these quadrants much more useful since I’m not in an institutional learning environment anymore so I don’t have a million things going on every single day. I’ve always questioned daily trackers because timed things usually give me anxiety, BUUUUT I think I was using them the wrong way (based on my own habits). I used to schedule things before doing them which was a mistake because,,,,I never did them LOL However, nowwwwww I fill in things on the numbered side as I complete them (in the end I have a cute summary of what went down that day hehe).

On the left page, we have a bangtan content tracker! I’m absolutely behind on BTS content and I miss seeing them on my screen so much:((( I’m going to make mini trackers for Run BTS (their personal variety show in which they play fun games, act out hilarious scenarios/role plays, and create skits – I’m like 20 episodes behind), In The Soop (another variety show where they all vibe and cook in the forest – I haven’t finished watching and they released it last summer LOL) and Vlives (these are live recorded videos of individual members just chilling with Army). I’ll most likely transfer this to next month because who knows if my ass really does catch up or not :]

We have come to the end gang – I loved sharing all of my trackers with you all and I hope they inspire you in some type of way! I would love to see any recreations or inspired spreads so please send a DM (my insta is @invincibleamy – I’m only on a posting hiatus so I’m still checking DMs) Also any spread ideas are much much appreciated~

for now, I’ll leave you with my favorite photo in my camera roll:

9 thoughts on “monthly flip through: february 2021

  1. Youre finally going to catch up to run?!!??!?! Yay 😭 first of all YES HOBI SPREAD second of all omg I love those little blobs theyre so cute 🥺

    Liked by 1 person

  2. As usual, your journal spreads are too pretty ♥
    Also yes, the super tips are fantastic! Those super packs with a bunch of them are so cheap and the colors are so pretty and they work so well! I love using them for lettering, and they are so much cheaper than brush pens but work just as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wish i could marry my super tips:OO I love drawing and doodling with them, I wish I could do lettering – I’m so bad at it LOL but the feel of them in my hand and the way it glides and dries on my pages is so ~niceeee~

      Liked by 1 person

  3. utterly obsessed with you and your journal. I love love love reading the thought process behind what made you decide what colour and everything. So happy you went with the greenish theme LIKE GREEN IS JUSR SI YOU but I also love how you’ve been experimenting more with offering colours :’) alsooooooooo a RUN TRACKERRRR UR A GENIUS I won’t bother bc I basically have all eps to watchLOOOOOL but v cute idea 🙂 cant wait to see more of ur journaling posts

    Liked by 1 person

    1. take my hand in marriage~ I love that green has just become my brand LOL I’m happy that I went with a lime green marker sdhskh it’s still green but ~different~ I’m really happy with my recent ideas for journal themes because I feel like I’m joosing out my abilities like an orange heh (I feel alive ahh) alsoooo I just filled out the bangtan spread and skfjdskfds there’s a lot but it looks so cute and motivating (i’ll remember to send you a snap of it!!)

      Liked by 1 person

  4. the way you made a page dedicated to bangtan content adkjfahd that’s adorable army behaviour and we love to see it! also i really love the colors you used ! they’re so calming o.o

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