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monthly flip through: march 2021

hi everyone! i’m using my bed as a desk and sitting on a floor cushion because i wanted to be in front of my window plus my desk is too wobbly and small :T I’m listening to my chill bts playlist and I keep daydreaming about laying on the grass on my college campus quad with my headphones on and the sun kissing my cheeks. It’s super sunny out but it’s not warm enough for me to sit outside,,,SIGH I miss the warm weather terribly.

anyway, happy march! did everyone have a good february? I hope you accomplished everything you wanted and if not that’s completely okay because your existence is enough. I haven’t done a february recap because I simply can’t remember what I did LOL Somehow, february felt both like the longest car ride and the shortest roller coaster. I’m going to have to look through snap memories or my camera roll for what I did because even mentioning it here is making my brain blank out. Moving along, I’m back to share my march bullet journal pages! I vehemently informed Sab and Naz that I was not going to share these spreads when I finished them because I thought they looked ugly and out of order. However, after their reassurance (and compliments T-T) I realized that the spreads look really cute and kind of fit my vibe: indecisiveness

~materials I used~

  • magazine scraps
  • old receipts
  • brown lunch bag
  • stickers from amazon
  • washi tape from amazon
  • pilot g2
  • skyglory fineliner (hot pink)
  • tombow brush marker (#098 muddy green?)

Here are the first two pages and it’s a bit of a change from my regular set up because I added a sideways calendar rather than a two-page calendar. My initial plans were to go for an “anime school vibes” theme but I kept looking at things in my drawers and wanting to use them even though they didn’t match. For example, I wanted to use muted greens and blues but I also wanted to use pink milk cartons so I felt like I needed a pink marker but instead of going for a peachy color (which would have been the “right” choice for consistency) I went with a hot pink?? In the end, I think everything worked out and SOMEHOW the muddy green and hot pink markers as well the random scraps and stickers compliment each other :] I call this theme: indecisive saadia.

On the left page, I made stationary collages at the top and bottom of the page and then in the middle I added lists titled “march highlights” and “march playlist.” I noticed that the goals list I usually make space for wasn’t being used and I’m thinking I just don’t like the word goals. I’d rather keep that word for my yearly spreads and the word highlights makes me feel better about my accomplishments/events that happened. Although these changes are teeny tiny, I think it leaves a huge impact on my mental health because I don’t feel forced to fill it out nor do I feel like nothing happened. Or I’m just being a big baby and my anxiety- ahem moving on~

On the right page, I made a sideways calendar! This is the first time since 2017 where I’m using this style and I’m kind of excited lolol even thought it’s literally the same calendar but with slightly smaller dimensions (5×5 boxes with 5×7 rows and columns). Like you’ll realize with most of my decisions, I wasn’t planning on doing this because I had planned to add a mini calendar/march title on the bottom right corner with some washi tape. However, it looked absolutely horrid and messy and it didn’t make me feel good. I think that’s the most important part of a bullet journal: if something does not make you feel happy, then you should rip it out and try again. (that’s different from being hard on yourself though !!)

These next two pages are my favorite because I love how everything matched so well! I guess I could have went with my indecisive theme and added hot pink elements but again ~going with the flow~ here, gang:) On the left page, I put all of my habit trackers, night routine, sleep early, make bed, and read before bed into mini calendars (the asymmetrical boxes with random washi tapes look so cute). Reading before bed is a new tracker because I’ve noticed that I’m choosing a book for my night activity rather than my phone so I wanted to see how I often I did that in a month:OO The clock magazine cut out was sitting on my desk for the longest time so I just HAD to use it in some sort of way for march and it went pleasantly with the meaning of this page. Yall,,,I highly recommend going through newspapers or magazines and ripping out photos that appeal to your eye, I promise you having a collection is so convenient and it’s little to no cost !! (mine are free because it comes in the mail)

On the right page, I brought back my salah tracker. Salah are the five prayers in Islam (fajr, zhor, asr, maghrib, and isha). If you’re from my instagram, you might remember that I regularly added this in my monthly spreads. For the past two months I have been tracking on my phone, but I wanted a visual tracker because Ramadan is next month and this pushes me further. I wrote the number of dates vertically on the far left of that page and then wrote the five prayers across. I shaded every other line with my green marker for the aesthetic (i also like that it mimics a log:O) To fill it out, I put check marks on the prayers I completed. I’ve definitely changed up the formatting for the entire first half year of 2020 but this is the best one for me because it’s simple and easy to follow! I highly recommend this if you are Muslim, it’s so rewarding to ~see~ your progress!

Here is my brain dump page and my bts content tracker! The style is super simple and at first the two pages looked like they came from two different themes but when I flip through my journal,,,it works??? I like the vibes :] I took out my media consumed and poem of the month spreads because I didn’t really use them last month but who knows??? I might add them lay tore.

Tracking my bts content is really boosting my serotonin :’) I know it’s not really deemed as ~productive~ but taking care of your mental health is productive !! Last month, I re-watched In the Soop and it truly brought me so much laughter and smiles. My skin was clear, my energy levels were high and I felt like I could climb a mountain. I’m planning on catching up on Run BTS this month and maybeeeee watch v-lives, depends on my mood levels. (also psssst I saw clips of the latest episode with the water dumping and debate and wow these guys are full comedians dskjghsk)

ALLLL RIGHT you have come to the ending, friends! This one was slightly shorter because you already know what my daily spreads look like so I think it would be repetitive to show y’all. I’m super glad I decided to share these pages and got over my resisting brain (big thsanks to my friends). If you look at each individual element, it doesn’t match but that doesn’t matter because EYE think it looks cute. I would loveeeee to see your spreads so definitely share (if you’re comfortable) in my insta DMs, I’ll be your hype woman.

anyway, i’ll leave you with my current favorite photo in my camera roll:

6 thoughts on “monthly flip through: march 2021

    1. thank you!! i like to use my journal as a creative outlet hahaha i don’t know how to do traditional art even tho i really want to but i don’t have the patience to learn so this is a good alternative:))) also i have a separate journal that’s just a mess of words haha it’s good for letting all my feelings out in one spot:O


  1. First of all “Somehow, february felt both like the longest car ride and the shortest roller coaster.” This QUOTE IS GOING ON MY GRAVE THANK YOU! Tho I might switch February with -the beginning of my twenties- lmao… also, I really love the prayer tracker, I need to do that šŸ˜­ I’ve been having problems with using my journal tho, like I do use it as an art outlet as you know but these last couple months I actually wanted to USE it and somehow I didnt ….. I dont know what to dooooo šŸ˜­

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