highlights of 2021<3

uhh hii…it’s been 10 months :] my only explanation is that I’ve been lazy, brutally insecure, and this blog became less of a priority. I don’t even know how to explain everything that’s been brewing in my brain since I last posted. However, I do know that I want to start posting again and it’s going to take a little bit of time before I can find my voice again. I didn’t want to call this a life update because I don’t really have any significant big brain thoughts to share with you all. So, like the absolute organizing maniac that I am, I provide you a list of highlights in 2021:

– A P R I L –

  • my baby cousin was born on March 31, 2021 and she got to stay with us for the first week of her life<33
  • i painted ceramics with my best friend. my brother, and his best friend. I painted a bowl light green and blue with moonchild by RM references
  • I met up with an old friend (that I hadn’t seen in a year) at a park and talked for 5 hours about our life:)

– M A Y & J U N E –

  • bo burnham released a fucking masterpiece, Inside, on Netflix and I have not stopped listening to the album on Spotify. Bezos II was in my top 5 songs of 2021 sdjfdsf
  • May and June was a blur of rearranging my room, renovating my backyard with my dad, gardening, and making a ridiculous amount of trips to Home Depot/Menards

– J U L Y –

  • my friend surprised me for my birthday (july 6 hehe) by taking me to the Wonder museum in Chicago and inviting some of my favorite people<33
  • i got a queen bed and a matching dresser with a retro looking mirror. I absolutely love my room now and I’m so glad the cluttered mess it used to be is nonexistent.
  • I was watching Attack on Titan with my friend, Michelle, since April and I finally finished it in this month! It was a rewatch for me and her first time. She absolutely loved it and I noticed sooooo many easter eggs. Isayama is a true genius.
  • JK, Hobi, Namjoon, Yoongi, and Tae went live this month and I am going to assume they did it for my birthday month c:

– A U G U S T –

  • i created the greatest journal spread I have ever made. (check out my bujo 2021 highlight on my instagram: invincibleamy to see it hehe)
  • i went to Pakistan (the last time i visited was 8 years ago) LOL I know this is a huge event but I was planning to go since the beginning of May. Originally, my parents were going alone but I was free and decided to go. It was flipping HOT but I’m glad I got to meet my relatives after so many years. I also got to meet new cousins and second nieces/nephews; I miss those little shitheads 😐
  • I rode a horse, a camel and climbed mountains all in one day in Pakistan.
  • I went to some amusement parks with my baby cousins and their parents:)
  • I watched a LOT of bollywood movies with another cousin every other night! I miss that cousin a lot:/
  • I went shopping and got to pick out a lot of dressesT-T you knowwww I got a lot of green ones hehehehe
  • I unintentionally got my cousin obsessed with bts and this time I didn’t even initiate it LOL She kept asking me why I had a random person’s photo on the back of my phone sgkdghfkdjd and then one day she sat down all serious next to me and was like “Appi (older sister), I want you to show me his songs (pointing at my Jungkook photocard) and music videos” WHEN I TELL YOU MY HEART SOARED T-T AND NOW SHE WON’T STOP WATCHING THEIR VIDEOS I think her favorite member is Taehyung:)
  • I watched the greatest showman for the first time on the way to Pakistan and oh man I listened to the soundtrack for a ~hot~ minute

– S E P T E M B E R –

  • fuck september lmaooo

– O C T O B E R –

  • I was very very very very glad to be back in the states this month
  • I went to dave & busters (adultish arcade) and won a huge ass stuffed lemur:) I named him Levi
  • I got bubble tea with my best friend and we ate ramen for dinner later! I hadn’t seen her in two months:O
  • I also met up with another best friend (the same one I saw in April) and ate pizza plus did her mehndi:)
  • I watched half of the bts PTD concert and nearly died. I still have not continued it lmaooo
  • I saw my baby cousin, Farda, in her pumpkin outfit and that gave me lots of serotonin!
  • In the soop 2 came out this month!!!!
  • I also watched hometown cha cha cha and that was true happiness:O
  • I read one of the greatest romance stories ever, The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas, and omggg I squealed so much in my bed over dumb and cute scenes

– N O V E M B E R –

  • this was a media heavy month! lots of movies and anime shows and tv shows and books that I read and watched hehe
  • I also went to the movies with Michelle and we watched the eternals. at the moment, I liked it a lot but now i’m thinking it wasn’t that good of a movie:P
  • I had lots of fun with family members playing cards and dumb board games
  • there were lots of Fardy party moments this month<33
  • I started studying for a huge exam this month; I got into a productive routine! It felt like I was back in school!
  • lastly, i started babysitting my brother’s fiance’s cat, Bean!! He was initially only going to stay for a week but he’s been with us for nearly three months now! He’s basically my cat dskfdgk

– D E C E M B E R –

  • another media heavy month! i think I needed all the content so I wouldn’t go crazy from all the studying:]
  • I finished reading a little life and that was straight pain. I will never recover tbh
  • I made a new friend this month! we went to the christkindle market in chicago!! it was super fun and wholesome:) I’ve been hanging out with her pretty regularly now:))
  • I watched Spider-man: No Way Home with my brother and his fiance and oh my goodness my mind was blown!!!
  • I played some more board games with family this month and I laughed a lot! Very thankful for them hehe
  • And of course lots of funny bean content!!!

allllllrighttttt that was it gang! I had fun writing this post and sharing my whole year with you. I will definitely try to post more often this year:O I’ve been planning some bookish posts and now that I have more free time again, I feel like I’ll start posting!

anyway here’s a random bts photo in my camera roll<33:

13 thoughts on “highlights of 2021<3

  1. I loved reading this as usual 😭 thank you for coming back! Also I can’t help but think bean is urs as well lol. I hope you get to meet that friend more often and that you get to see your cousins again soon! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I FEEL LIKE MY BODY HAS BEEN RESURRECTED BC OF THIS POST 😀 first of all bean is literally yours i’ll literally cry if bean has to leave & maannnnn i remember everything so vividly from ur updates and snaps it felt like i was there with u for all of this how insane is that!!!!!! anyways this was so cute to read I loved it sm and I can’t wait for more posts <333

    Liked by 1 person

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