my 2022 reading year: a presentation

hey~ look whose back with another blog post ay?? *applause* hope you all have been well and are ready for some juicy reading content! As promised, I am sharing my 2022 reading year powerpoint!

To clarify, I did not design these slides at all lolol I am not THAT creative. I found a template from the Slidesgo website (very helpful for students or lunatics like me).

summary: laid solid groundwork for bringing back my fantasy obsession but I think I’ve discovered I’m a graphic novel girlie

a brief summary: the main goal of 2022 was to read all of the fantasy books I could because I was tired of reading ridiculous smutty books in 2021 and I wanted my big brain back. I think I finally broke the spell of only gravitating towards “easy to read” fiction by finishing some intense fantasy books that were looming over me! As the year went on, I found out that I LOVE picking up graphic novels ahhhhh (if you have any recommendations please throw them at me!!!!). I used to pick up graphic novels to boost my book count (i still do that lololol), but now I’m actively searching for long series that I’ll enjoy and continue to pick up!

I had 4 reading goals in 2022 hehe

  • Goal 1: read 38 books I wanted a random number for my challenge so i can stop being anal (in 2021 I forced myself to read 4 books in one night so that I could get my book count to 30. apparently I couldn’t sleep if I ended the year on 26 lmaooo) and I took it one step further and read 39 hehehe (i know my 2021 self is crying)
  • Goal 2: fantasy reading year!! this year I wanted to focus on all things fantasy because I had too much unfinished business. I could feel 2021 Sab glaring at me from all the way in London (hey psssstt 2021 Sab spoiler alert, I finally read tbg hehehe also naz…honey…i’m not even gonna say it)
  • Goal 3: post thoughts on story on this slide I say that “I wanted to be active on booksta but next question” and now I disagree with that! I think I was pretty active considering all the grad school business going on in my life:0
  • Goal 4: diverse baby:) this is a forever goal that I need to really work on. yes, yes I do 😐

These are my goodreads stats and I think I did pretty solid, considering I had so much going on in 2022. As you read (hopefully) in my previous blogpost, grad school consumed my entire being so I’m pretty surprised at how solid this reading year went! Also, I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite by bashing goodreads because I still use it for logging purposes, but bruhhhh it has NOTHING on storygraph’s features!! However, here are the little stats they have on their site and I thought it was still relevant:) also, I’m lowkey a nerd for stats *pushes up fake glasses* (never want to study them oof) and I like looking at them once in my life and moving one sjfsdfhsfks

To compare, here are several graphs and statistical info that storygraph provides for their users! There are many more graphs than these on the site and I think that’s such a tremendous improvement from goodreads and such a flex??? I totally recommend this site. A few side comments I wanted to make:

  • it’s really hard to see/read but the first graph indicates the average mood for each month and it’s funny to me that the summer months are where I really said “let’s torture ourselves:)” and decided to binge read the entire tpw seriesT-T
  • the fact that the fantasy bar is the farthest in the genre graph makes my heart smile.
  • lastly, idk why but it’s sooooo funny to me to see the difference between how long it took me to read You Deserve Each Other (1 day) and Jade City (83 days) looooool the duality in me is real

I am giving y’all a flip through for the monthly slides because they are pretty self-explanatory! i wrote out the text in the caption if you can’t read on the slides!

These slides are the awards section! If you’ve read any of these books, I would like to know your thoughts in the comments below and see if we differ in or share any opinions! I believe I’ve written reviews for most of these books on my goodreads and storygraph (my storygraph settings are set to community so I think we’d have to be friends/following for you to see my updates)

I believe this slide is also self-explanatory but I’l break down these takeaways because they aren’t necessarily comments on each reading goal rather just thoughts to summarize how I did in my 2022 reading year.

  • Goal 1: read 38 books “somehow I always manage to finish my goal” (I read 39!) I truly don’t know what kind of energy takes over me in December. Like how tf did I read more than 10 books in less than a month (I started in the middle of December)
  • Goal 4: reading diversely “I need to broaden my horizons” I’m not proud of myself in terms of diversity for this year:/
  • “I need to choose reading over scrolling” I noticed I picked up my phone way too much this year and I’m glad I deleted tiktok (in december)
  • Goal 3: post thoughts on ig story “I think I found my true posting style” I’ve abandoned the idea of trying to make my feed look consistent and matching colors/aesthetics for each photo. It was fun for the first few months of the year but I think my posts feel more like ~me~ nowadays.

Ok oooofff that is the end of this presentation! I hope you enjoyed looking at them and reading my additional thoughts. I’m not sure if this is the kind of content you’d like to see from me but if yes then I have a whole 2022 kdrama presentation too hehehe Enjoy this photo of yoongi running away and I’ll see you next time (or not O.O)


One thought on “my 2022 reading year: a presentation

    I love this sm!!!! I’m glad u were able to achieve ur goals even with everything that was happening with you. And you can always try again with the ones you weren’t satisfied with.
    I hope this year ends up better with all my heart. You know. ❤

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