About Me

An Introduction to My Brain

I created this blog because I wanted to get rid of my insane fantasies about having a YouTube channel where I talk about ridiculous stories, offer ludicrous advice and obsess over the books I’m reading. Instead of depressing myself over how impractical those fantasies are, I tapped into the part of me that I missed, writing. I stopped writing creatively a long time ago for several reasons. I do occasionally write a poem here and there but never anymore novels or stories. However, I am pretty good at exploding my brain onto blank screens or journal pages. So why not traumatize not only my future self but also the internet with my crazy 3 a.m. thoughts and rants??

My name is Saadia (she/her) and I am a total idiot who recently graduated with a degree in Psychology. I’m Muslim, I wear a hijab and I try really hard to make people smile or laugh so they can at least tolerate my existence. I love reading, creating, crying, and BTS. My favorite season is Autumn, my favorite color green and my favorite thing to fangirl over is literally everything. 

I intend to write about absurd experiences, obsessive thoughts, and occasional food for thought or advice. Schedules stress me out but this is for fun so I imagine myself posting every time I have galaxy brain thoughts at 3 am. Feel free to comment any reactions or recommend any subjects you’d want me to write about. I will appreciate any feedback! Even if you start a riot in the comment section, I will be happy! Actually, I wouldn’t recommend that…