dreams, discussions, & plans for 2023

*taps mic*...uhhh is this thing on? umm this is it's been exactly a year...i know in my last post i said it was gonna take a little time for me to find my voice, so posts will be infrequent but they are coming. well...I DIDN'T THINK IT WAS GONNA TAKE A WHOLE YEAR sjfsdhksd… Continue reading dreams, discussions, & plans for 2023


highlights of 2021<3

uhh's been 10 months :] my only explanation is that I've been lazy, brutally insecure, and this blog became less of a priority. I don't even know how to explain everything that's been brewing in my brain since I last posted. However, I do know that I want to start posting again and it's… Continue reading highlights of 2021<3

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january 2021 recap // a convoluted mess of emotions but with some great shows !!

for today's post, I wanted to talk about my month in a wrap! I've been seeing lots of these kind of blog posts and youtube videos so I wanted to share all the things I did or watched or listened to! I won't be including what I read because I don't feel like talking about… Continue reading january 2021 recap // a convoluted mess of emotions but with some great shows !!

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“some thoughts”: an explanation

*scratches head* *peeks from behind a lamppost* aha,,,I’m back with another dumb post about my interests! Last year around mid to late summer, I decided to create a new bookstagram account because I no longer felt a deep connection with my friends/followers on my old platform and I didn’t feel like I was transparent with… Continue reading “some thoughts”: an explanation