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Why I Love Kim Namjoon

Hello!! Welcome to my “why i love bangtan” series~ I said I was going to explain how I love each member in my first post and I am fulfilling the promise at such an odd hour hehehe (^o^) It’s currently 10:47pm...what even is my posting schedule 0__0 I don’t know if I mentioned this but… Continue reading Why I Love Kim Namjoon

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November 12, 2018

I've been in kind of a creative rut with poetry and I honestly don't know what to write about nor do I know how to express my feelings lately. So I was just reading my old poetry to inspire myself and I noticed a poem that I didn't really share to anyone. It has such… Continue reading November 12, 2018

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“some thoughts”: an explanation

*scratches head* *peeks from behind a lamppost* aha,,,I’m back with another dumb post about my interests! Last year around mid to late summer, I decided to create a new bookstagram account because I no longer felt a deep connection with my friends/followers on my old platform and I didn’t feel like I was transparent with… Continue reading “some thoughts”: an explanation