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january 2021 recap // a convoluted mess of emotions but with some great shows !!

for today’s post, I wanted to talk about my month in a wrap! I’ve been seeing lots of these kind of blog posts and youtube videos so I wanted to share all the things I did or watched or listened to! I won’t be including what I read because I don’t feel like talking about books online in a serious way right nowwaahhhhh LOL I do have a goodreads where I’m trying to write out my thoughts for every book I read (so watch out for that – my username is invincibleamy ) I know I keep starting series on this account dfdsfsdkfhj but it’s the beginning of the year besties !!! I gotta set up the big brain content! I do have regular posts planned so watch out for those coming soon~

~overall events~

  • i took a two week break from bullet journaling because everyone’s 2021 setups and january themes were really stressing me out and I kept overthinking the purpose of having a bullet journal. I also was struggling with journaling in general because I kept starting new notebooks and changing the purposes of notebooks already in use. honestly it was all self-inflicted insecurity that could have easily been resolved if I just sat down rambled about it in my word vomit journal.
  • i went on a mini weekend trip with my family (obviously with the necessary precautions) and it was quite nice since we were quarantined for the entire month of december oof
  • i actually got to hang out with my friend twice! we have started my star wars journey because she loves the series and i’ve never seen it in order mainly because all the men in my life gate keep it so much *BARF* we also had a small outing where we shopped and got bubble teaaaaaa! we ended up buying matching shoes, some books, and i bought a veryyyy cute pink cardigan (sighhhhh the beauty of retail therapy)
  • i took a two week break from bookstagram too because social media is hard yall LOL I just got really tired of scrolling and not even taking in my friends’ captions. I felt like a zombie liking and commenting which made me feel bad. sharing my thoughts on books is still not fun and I’m not sure if I’ll be posting on my stories regularly just yetttttttt so maybe I’m still on this break~
  • i had a bit of a depressive episode in this month which does not feel nice kdsfhdskgh but it explains why I was so up and down in this month. I’m super thankful for my friends because they were a nice distraction~

~movies & tv shows~

movies i watched:

  • I finally watched Get Out and feel like I’ve accomplished my life goal. My friend constantly raved about this movie when I first met her and even though it was already on my radar, I wanted to watch it even more because she was hyping it so much for nearly three years. I am thoroughly impressed gang; it was sOOPer creepy and has such a haunting message. I loved the ending and I heard that Jordan Peele made a second ending that was realllllyyyy sad, I haven’t seen that but I’m sure it’ll be a tear jerker.
  • As I mentioned earlier, I started my Star Wars journey by watching A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. The first movie was really goofy since it’s really old and I often burst out laughing because Luke was too funny sounding LOL On the other hand, The Empire Strikes Back was actually really fun to watch and I got to meet Yodaaaaaa! Overall, I don’t have too many overpowering emotions about the series – they were relaxing movies that my friend and I bonded over!
  • I watched Mirai which was recommended by my friend Sophie (@themoonchildpages). It definitely has studio ghibli vibes like she mentioned and I instantly fell in love with the homey art style. I loved the cute details of the home!! It was trippy, cute, and so heartwarming:(( One thing I didn’t like was the constant whining from the main character saksjdfdksa I mean what can you expect from a four year old but wooowwww *opens google* how to not blend a child,,,,,

tv shows i watched:

  • I watched Bob’s Burgers as a background tv show and I finally got to season 11 in this month and wowzers what a journey! I started this show in late 2019 and I’m now getting around to finishing it jdksdfksh I love this show so much – I would very much call this my favorite tv show because it’s so comforting and funny! I love the family so much and I wish I was a Belcher T-T
  • I watched the last two episodes of Crash Landing On You and wow I felt true pain !!! I loved this kdrama so so so much, I was binging it in december and then I got Naz hooked on it (she stayed up until 4 am in exam week for this show, entirely my fault WHOOPS) It just evoked so many emotions in me because I loved both the main character and love interests so much as well as the side characters!! (Naz and I called them the idiot crewT-T) It was hilarious, tear jerking and had so many “AWWWWWWW I’LL CRY” moments. took me a hot minute to finish lmaosdfkjds but when do I find my Lee Jung-Hyuk please and thank you.
  • I WATCHED THE THIRD SEASON OF DISENCHANTMENT! I love this show so much (I know keep saying this lololsfjsdds but I really did enjoy every part of this season and now this show is on my priority list). This was a pretty regular kind of show I watched during my senior year of college and I didn’t have any wahhh kind of emotions. However, the third season is super goofy, bizarre, and the humor is immaculate (basically combine college student humor and dad jokes) highly recommended~
  • As you can see, I went for a lot of quick and laid back shows or movies because my attention span has literally diminished and I’m in a cartoon kind of phase right now. And so I started Legend of Korra! I only watched one episode this month but THIS FEELS LIKE IM COMPLETING A LIFE GOAL. I was so so resistant to this show mainly because I am so incredibly attached to ATLA and I had a feeling the LoK characters would fall flat and I wouldn’t enjoy it at all. However, I’m so thankful for one of my high school pals for pushing it even after so many years LOL (I gotta inform her soon) and wow I’m enjoying it so much (it’s making me miss ATLA ssjfsdhjf)

anime i watched:

  • Throughout the month, I was watching two ongoing anime: Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan. I cannot even form words to describe my love for AOT, all I can say is that the creators are genius. The storytelling, the art, and the way everything is executed is absolutely genius. As for JJK, I love the band of characters and I’ll definitely have better formed thoughts when I’m finished with the season but I’m in love with the pacing, art style, background music, the intro/outro, and character personalities. BASICALLY THESE TWO ANIME ARE MY FAVORITEcjsdfsafkds
  • I also watched the first two episodes of Haikyuu and I definitely can see myself binging this!!! So far, I don’t have toooo many emotions other than it’s super cute and funny and I’m on board to be a stan 🙂


playlists i made:

  • I made sad bts and hype bts playlists :’) these two aren’t very creative sjfhsdfk but they are for very necessary scientific research. I also made txt and ateez playlists where I included every song they released (excluding remixes and collabs) You can find me on spotify at invincibleamy !! I promise I make other playlists with a variety of genres and artists :))) This month was just me relying HEAVILY on my faves sjkfsdjh

songs I listened to a lot:

  • Find You by Monsta X
  • Easy by Stray Kids
  • Everlasting Shine by TXT
  • Redemption Interlude by Zacari
  • The Other Side by SZA
  • Light a Flame by Seventeen
  • Shangri-La by Vixx
  • Lonely by Jonghyun

AND THATS A WRAP !!!!! I know this is super long but whateverrrrrr~ I hope you enjoyed reading my rambling thoughts about movies and tv shows:O Let me know what kind of stuff you did in January, I really want to knowwwww and any recommendations are highly appreciated<3333 byeeeeeeeeeee make sure to get some sleep and drink water — maybe even straighten your back (I say this as I had 5 hours of sleep and I’m slouching in my chair like an overworked office worker who hasn’t drank any water all day)

22 thoughts on “january 2021 recap // a convoluted mess of emotions but with some great shows !!

  1. aghhh how i’ve missed you 😭😭 like truly truly. you and naz and sha aren’t so active and i can feel it deep in my bones. i miss yall so much🥺❤️ i really hope ur doing better and finding comfort in things away from bookstagram bb ❤️

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  2. the way my lil heart squeezed when i saw mirai!!!! aghh yess it’s soo heartwarminggg!! also lolll i was trying to explain it to my sister, trying to convince them to watch it with me, but they were literally like “so it’s about a brat” and i ansjskdkkdskf yesssss but also just watch ittttt 😭😭😭

    Liked by 1 person

    1. NOT THEM CALLING A WHOLE BABIE A BRAT LOLOL ok but he really was sdkjdgjkd I still really liked the message and it got to so trippy at the end:OOOO I don’t know how I would explain it to friends because the amount of brattery that was going on

      Liked by 1 person

  3. ahhh yess i so hope you enjoy korra!!! when i started it right after my rewatch of atla last year my brother were so against it like no it’s trash. but honestly i think it was just their sexism showing so 🙃🙃. it’s a good show and it has solid characters and veryyy interesting politics in this modern new world after atla. korra is a veryy flawed character! but i love the show! season 1 isn’t that great tho bc i feel like they pushed the romance plot a lil tooo much in my opinion

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am thoroughly liking it! I’m a third of the way into the second season now:)) i agree the romance was a bit much but I actually really like Korra and the only explanation (that i can think of) of the negative reaction towards her is that she’s opposite to aang. However, her culture is completely different to him, so that means her personality and the way she approaches problems are gonna be super different. Also, the blatant hating reminds me of the fandom’s reaction to Katara and we all know people didn’t like her because her personality was bright and fiery —– which is just sexism in different words. becauseeeeeee if Korra and Katara were men hmmmmmmm I’m sure the reaction would be simping annnnndd more simping.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. YES EXACTLY!! she’s compLEte opposites with aang and that’s why i love it! like i don’t understand when ppl (cough men) use that as an argument for why they don’t like her? why would you want to watch a show set in the same world with the same kind of protagonist? agh i just love korra and i can’t wait to read the comics after i finish season 4!!

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  4. also i totally agree with the star wars gate keeping!!!!!!!!! Omygod. my brothers make me feel bad a lot of the time that i’m not a sUPer fan. like i don’t understand why i can’t just casually like star wars without being called a fake fan? i gotta know all this stuff. it’s the geek boy gate keeping syndrome smh 😩

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  5. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i’m so glad you’re (somewhat?) back now i missed u a lot Saadia.
    bujo is just for having fun and expressing yourself it shouldn’t stress you out i hope all is better now:(((((((
    also bob’s burger is TOP TIER it’s so good

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  6. I LOVED THIS OMG ILL BE LOOKING FORWARD TO THESE EVERY MONTH NOW!!!! Also wow I think I cried almost every episode of the second half of crash landing on you. That was intense. The tears just kept coming 😭. Youre so right they’re idiots but they’re so cute I got attached to them right away and I want to adopt them forever bdakbdjskdjejhrhkwirbja I’m glad you’re enjoying your break and spending time with your family and friends. I hope you never experience depressive episodes again I know how much they suck but I also know that you cant really heal completely without having such moments sometimes. I’m here for you and ill be praying that you have great and wonderful times ahead of you 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AWWWW this comment made me gush:’) Thank youuu sdfhdskjfdsh i’m glad you liked my ramblings about these shows, I loved writing them out and I’m excited to continue this seriess yeeeee (also crash landing on you was so sad for no reason, playing with my heart like that was so wrong of them)


  7. I love this type of posts, I always feel like we’re friends in a cafe somewhere, just catching up 💕 I’m sorry to hear your mental health wasn’t at its best this month, and hope you’ll be feeling much better soon.

    Liked by 1 person


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